«Icons stay icons even at 79!» Let’s shed light on Jacqueline Bisset’s path to stardom and personal life

Time magazine called her «the Most Stunning Woman Ever» who gained recognition in «The Detective», «Bullet» and «The Sweet Ride»!🤩  She started her career at the age of 2️⃣1️⃣ and has already celebrated her 7️⃣8️⃣th birthday! ⌛😯Let’s go back to those good old days and one more time recall what a beauty she was in this article! 👇

The identity of this legendary woman will hardly be questioned by anyone. Her drizzling career has spanned around 6 decades and she has appeared in almost 60 films. As Jacqueline mentions, one of her role models were Jackie Bisset. Her striking green eyes and cheekbones captivated millions.

It was the 1966 film «Col-de-Sac» in which she made her debut. Among her other iconic roles are in «Wild Orchid», «Birds of Paradise», «The Deep», etc.

Her personal life deserves our special attention too. She was rumored to have a brief affair with S. McQueen. The iconic actress was in long-term relationships with actor M. Sarrazin, ballet dancer A. Godunov and actor V. Perez.

«I’ve had some really interesting men in my life». Though, the star was «too independent to commit to just one».

One may say that she is a forever household name in the industry. Now, she is already 79 and still looks stunning and amazing for her age.

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