«What a disgrace!» The way Madonna congratulated her father on his birthday left everyone speechless

Madonna in fishnet tights and a sheer top congratulates her dad’s 9️⃣6️⃣th birthday and causes a furor among the fans! 😬😱«Poor man!», «He must be proud of his daughter» and similar comments hit the Queen of Pop! 💬 The singer has also shared exclusive archive photos with her father which you too can see in this article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who will question her identity. She is Madonna, one of the most legendary music stars, who has deservedly earned the title of «the Queen of Pop». Her breathtaking performances, incredible career heights and immense success have made her one in a million.

The performer is known not only for her successful career, but also bold and, sometimes, outrageous style. Despite being in her 60s, the pop star’s choice often falls on revealing clothes, mini skirts and high heels. Recently, she has hit the network by some exclusive snapshots of her and her father.

Madonna was congratulating him on his 96th birthday. While some joined the congratulations, the others paid much attention to her daring outfit consisting of a corset, mini shorts and fishnet tights. The fans were literally stunned by her look and could find no words to describe their disappointment.

«Have some respect for your parents!», «It’s time to stop wearing mini», «Enough Internet for today I guess», «Happy your father’s 96th birthday!», «Poor man! He can’t even raise his eyes out of embarrassment», «Getting disappointed wasn’t in my plans».

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