«Huge thighs, loss of elasticity!» The latest outing of noticeably rounded Lady Gaga is making headlines

Even the loyal fans hardly recognized Lady Gaga after her drastic weight gain! 😬😱 While she looks perfect on Instagram, the reality is a little bit disappointing! 🙄🥱 The pop singer has completely let herself go and is no more the same slender beauty! ⏳ Hold your breath before you see her new photos in this article! 👇

Surprisingly enough, Lady Gaga has been absent from the latest prestigious events which has raised questions. Some assume that the reason for her sudden withdrawal is conditioned by her exhaustion and, perhaps, some personal issues. However, after her recent outing everything has become clear.

On the contrary, she has been active in the music industry considering her new music and a highly anticipated film titled «The Joker: Madness for Two». Lately, hidden paparazzi have captured Gaga during a tennis practice who showed vivid signs of weight gain and loss of elasticity.

The pop singer was accompanied with her partner, entrepreneur Mike Polanski with whom her relationship has already lasted 4 years. While the fans expect him to propose her in the nearest future, the couple seems to still take their time for unclarified reasons.

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