«The girl-Barbie then and now!» This is what happened to the doll-like girl and how she looks and lives today

In 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ people called her «the prettiest girl on the planet»!💘 Nastia’s ocean-like blue eyes and angelic features made her a model still as a child! 😮😍 She was officially the 5️⃣th most beautiful child in the world! 🤫 Years have passed and she has already grown up whose new photos can be found in this article! 👇

It goes without saying that all children are unique and absolutely beautiful. However, there are those who captivate millions with their extraordinarily shaped features and unearthly charm. Today’s article is about one of them; Nastia Knyazeva.

Her name appeared among those of the most beautiful children in the world back in 2017. Her angelic beauty set her apart from all her peers and classmates. No one could remain silent and pass by her indifferently. Still as a child, she captured the attention of various photographers and modeling agencies.

She was continuously receiving advertising and modeling offers and people predicted a bright future for her. It is worth mentioning that she has collaborated with such brands as Mischka Aoki, Street Beat Kids and Kia Motos. Nastia quickly gained popularity and over half a million people subscribed to her then.

Her face has graced the cover of many prestigious magazines. Years have passed and here are some updates. Nastia is already 12 and to say that she looks no less beautiful is nothing to say. Some claim that she gained even more charm and grace over the years.

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