«No one believes this is the same kitchen!» The radical restoration of this knocked-down kitchen blew up the network

Even the neighbors laughed at me and my husband, so we knew it was time for changes!🙌 We restored our miserable kitchen beyond recognition and exceeded everyone’s expectations! 👏🤩The final results were jaw-dropping! 🔥See the before-after photos in this article!

Today’s article is about one married couple who transformed their small and miserable kitchen and became Internet stars. Since its appearance left a lot to be desired, the spouses spent the money they had saved on its restoration. They poured their heart and soul into the project and the final outcomes left them fully satisfied.

The first thing they considered was a plasterboard niche. So, they separated the area intended for kitchen furniture. At the top of the niche a decision was made to make holes for spotlights. These lights will be separate from the regular kitchen lights.

Initially, they planned to use tiles for the walls, yet then their choice fell on laminate which gave the room even more originality and special atmosphere. The niche was completed with a column which separated the kitchen furniture from appliances. They placed the microware and oven on top of the other so as to save more space.

Here, one can also see lower cabinets. The owners decided not to install upper ones. Instead, they hung shelves that held everything they needed. The color of the furniture and the shade of the laminate match perfectly. Laminate is not as expensive as tiles, yet it looks no worse.

The next task was to place a couple of light textures above the dining table. The renovation turned out to be amazing and even jaw-dropping.

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