«This is what creativity can do!» One man transforms his old stove and leaves everyone speechless with the final results

Instead of throwing my old stove away, an ingenious idea came into my mind! 😮👏 I transformed my unserviceable stove and inspired thousands of network users! 💥 If you have an old stove too, don’t rush to throw it away! 😏❗See what I did in this article! 👇

If you too have an old stove which is no more serviceable and you plan to throw it away, then don’t rush! In today’s article you will know how to use it in another way. This method may be useful if you have a mansion where it can serve. Let’s try to turn our idea into reality!

The first task is to remove all the screws, then the gas pipe and cut off the metal sheets separating the stove and oven since they will no more be useful. However, you may use them separately if needed. After removing everything unnecessary, it’s time to put firewood inside the stove.

Then, close the oven door and place a rack on top. In this way you will get a real outdoor stove that will look like a fireplace both in look and function.

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