«One groom for two brides!» The news about the Siamese sisters’ marriage is making headlines

Can you recall the Siamese sisters who were born with one body for two? 🤔🧐Abby and Brittany have all grown up and even found love!😍💘 Who stole the sisters’ heart? 🤫 They shared their wedding photos which you too can see in this article!👇

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know these Siamese sisters. The story of Abby and Brittany has never stopped evoking interest and being the center of heated discussions. Interestingly enough, the absolutely unique sisters live an absolutely ordinary life: they work as teachers, drive a car and even are in a relationship.

To everyone’s great surprise, they have recently got married whose wedding snapshots are still surfacing the network. The man whom the sisters chose as a husband has no regrets and is sincerely grateful for his choice. While some network users are genuinely happy wishing them happy long years together, the others can’t perceive the fact that two girls chose one man.

«So many questions but not enough answers!», «The world has turned upside down», «Enough Internet for today!», «The man needs to go to a psychiatrist as soon as possible!», «Envy silently! They deserve happiness!».

«How did they parents react? Interesting..», «What if one of them wants divorce?» «Let me unsee this!», «Poor guy!».

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