«Who said plus-size women can’t wear bikinis?» Abby Bible responds to her haters and leaves no room for imagination

People call her «a fat pig», but she doesn’t care and misses no chance to show her half-naked body! 😬🤯She proudly shows her folds of fat and this is something not everyone is ready for! 🤐🫣 Try not to close your eyes out to embarrassment when you see her spicy photos in this article! 👇

Here is Abby Bible, a 26-year-old fashion enthusiast from New York City, who is quite popular on TikTok. As one may see, she embraced body positivity and often rocks revealing outfits and bikinis despite her non-standard look. Believe it or not, about 200 000 people actively follow her on social media.

Abby is among the models who breaks= new ground for body positivity and considers that plus size people can also afford to wear whatever they like and overweight is not an obstacle at all. She doesn’t care about all the others’ opinions and lives her life to the fullest.

«Are there any men who consider this attrcative? If yes, It’s time to see a psychiatrist!», «Enough Internet for today!», «Not for the faint-hearted», «I almost had a stroke while scrolling her social media».

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