Spouses gave a second chance to a knocked-down apartment and turned it into the most stunning place to live

My wife and I bought a dilapidated apartment for pennies and it was the best decision we had ever made! 🏚️😬 Even our relatives were against it, but we ignored their advice! 💪🤨 Everyone’s jaw dropped when we showed off the final results! 😮🤩For the before-after photos – see the article! 👇

Today’s heroes became a married couple who has eventually got their own place to live. The spouses travel widely which is their passion and most loved «hobby». And after another trip, they determined to settle somewhere and create themselves a beautiful life.

Surprisingly, their choice eventually fell on an apartment with decaying floor and knocked-down walls. Its condition was far not the best, yet the thing toward which the couple couldn’t remain indifferent was the open terrace which immediately stole their heart. Though a lot to work should be done here, the couple stayed true to their choice and was not afraid of any complications.

The entrance area turned out to be very spacious. It is made in the form of a circle from which passages lead to different rooms. What concerns the decoration, a decision was made to use white tiles with black patterns for the floor, and a muted beige shade for the walls.

One can see a big round pouf in the center, above which a lamp made of wood fits perfectly. A large mirror was hung opposite it, which visually looks like another passage into the room. They also installed a full-fledged dressing room which serves as a storage system.

Neutral gray was chosen for the walls in the kitchen. The flooring is parquet. A spacious set was placed on the right side of the entrance. The facades were chosen in classic white.

The new owners’ most loved part here is the terrace on which there is a summer dining room, which becomes a real center of attraction not only for family members, but also for their friends and guests. The flooring in the living room is the same as the kitchen – parquet boards. The walls were painted a shade of gray, except for one which became an accent one.

One can see a stylish sofa here too which was placed against the same wall. A storage system and a TV appeared near it. The new owner’s most favorite instrument was placed closer to the entrance and gave the atmosphere even more charm and zest.

Their choice fell on white paint for the walls. They decided to make one wall an accent one decorating it with textured black plaster. A sleeping place for our heroes was placed near the same wall. A wardrobe for things was installed in the niche, and a dressing table for the hostess appeared opposite the bed.

They have a separate room for their daughter. The floor has parquet boards and the walls are painted with light paint. It also features a double bed, a desk, an easel for drawing, a place for games, and places to store things and toys.

A decision was made to use porcelain stoneware for the floor, and white rectangular tiles for the walls. A spacious shower was installed in the bathroom, and a full bath was installed in the children’s bathroom.

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