«What a fantastic transformation!» One girl turned her apartment with old renovation a dream place to live

I was sick and tired of my ugly apartment, so a brilliant idea came into my mind! 🤫🤌 Instead of going on a vacation, I spent the money on its renovation and never regretted it later! 😍👏 From a «grandmother’s» apartment, it turned into a luxury place to live! 👍🤭 For the before-after photos – see the article! 👇

The owner of today’s old apartment is a young girl, a blogger. The thing is that she has been living here all her life and moving into a new place was not in her plans, so she decided on a radical renovation. The house of the 1960s turned out to be amazing at the end of the transformation.

The first task was to replace the front door. In order to visually expand the boundaries of the space, the walls were painted white. And for practicality purposes, large-format porcelain tiles are laid on the floor.

To the right of the entrance there is a stylish console, a mirror and a compact ottoman in a turquoise shade. One can see a large wardrobe for outerwear in the niche. The facades were chosen with mirror inserts.

The previous entrance to the kitchen was blocked up – now you can get to the kitchen from the living room. They abandoned the usual door and made a sliding partition in the French style. They decorated the floor and apron with porcelain stoneware. A corner set in a beige color is installed against the wall.

The living room turned out to be a walk-through room, as from it you can get into any room of the apartment, except the bathroom. A decision was made to remove the balcony block to create French-style balcony doors. Thanks to this technique, more natural light pours into the room.

On the right wall from the entrance to the living room one can see a comfortable sofa that can be folded out to create a full-fledged sleeping place for guests in needed. Opposite the soft zone a television zone with a fireplace portal was placed.

From the living room we enter the bedroom. The walls are painted in a tiffany color, and they used classic laminate for the floor. The walls were complemented with moldings and mirrors. A double bed in pink upholstery was placed in the center which bed has a lifting mechanism which provides additional storage space in the bedroom.

Next to the bed bedside tables and a small dressing table that was made to order found their place. It was possible to organize a full-fledged dressing room. It has everything you need, including power outlets and ventilation.

The bathroom and toilet were combined into one space with an area of 6 square meters. Matte porcelain tiles were chosen for the flooring, and the walls are lined with glossy porcelain tiles and mosaics.

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