Spouses buy a 1970s’ apartment from a pensioner and turn it into the most amazing place to live

Even the seller was surprised when my husband and I agreed to buy such an ugly apartment, but we had other plans! 😉🤌No one ever gave a second thought to obtain it before us! 😅🥱 We paid pennies for it and spent the remaining money on its renovation! 🤫🤩 See the mind-blowing results in this article! 👇

Today’s article is about an apartment in an ordinary panel house constructed back in the 1970s. It is a typical three-room apartment the condition of which left a lot to be desired given the fact that the previous owners left it neglected for decades. Surprisingly, it captured the attention of one young married couple.

Shortly after moving in, the spouses didn’t waste time and hired a professional interior designer for a complete restoration. Its area is 70 square meters and a long working process promised to be ahead. Everything started with the redevelopment of the space.

Light wallpaper was chosen for the walls in the hallway and porcelain tiles for the flooring. One can see an ottoman not far from the entrance as well as an open hanger for outerwear made of light green color. A full-fledged dressing area was created here as well.

What concerns the kitchen-living room area, a decision was made to combine them. They were separated with a glass partition with a sliding door. A functional kitchen set with built-in household appliances was made here. The facades imitate wood. There was gas in the apartment, but the new owners decided to abandon it giving their preference to an induction.

A lunch group was organized near the window. Near the glass partition there is a comfortable sofa, above which a horizontal mirror panel with lighting was hung. They covered the walls with wallpaper, only on the wall behind the sofa the wallpaper is of a darker shade. Their choice fell on laminate for the flooring.

The decoration of the bedroom is the same as in the rest of the apartment except for one wall where a fresco was used. Along the same wall there is a double bed with a lifting mechanism. Bedside tables with «floating» effect were placed on both sides of the bed. They installed a hanging cabinet here as well.

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