«If there is a will, there is a way!» Spouses transformed their old apartment beyond recognition and became Internet stars

My husband and I were sick and tired of our ugly apartment, so we radically transformed it! 😉💪Those, who didn’t believe we could, are now speechless by the final results! 🤐💘 No one believes this is the same apartment! 😮For the before-after photos – see the article! 👇

The reason why today’s heroes, one married couple, bought this old and dilapidated apartment was that their son’s school was located just nearby and they had no other choice. Its condition left a lot to be desired but no options were left. However, it had advantages as well: a beautiful view and being away from the traffic noise.

They painted the walls in the entrance area a muted blue shade. Cement tiles were chosen for the floor. In the hallway one can see a large niche where a storage area was organized, which was covered with velvet curtains. These same curtains are extended and can cover the doorway of the front door.

The owner of the apartment loves to cook and even took a course at a professional international gastronomic school. Due to this, it was decided to make the kitchen close to professional. Here, one can find everything needed. The gas pipe had to be moved slightly to another location.

The same cement tiles were used in the hallway were chosen for the floor. The set itself was placed on both sides. The facades are made to look like metal. The apron is lined with white rectangular tiles.

A washing machine found its place the tabletop near the window, and to the right of it a compact workplace was organized for the owner of the apartment as he works remotely from home.

The new owners had little choice: create an isolated bedroom or make a living room here. As a result, they decided to create a living-dining room here so that the whole family could spend time here.

The walls were painted gray, and the floor was laid with parquet in a French herringbone layout. At the entrance to the room there is a dining room where the whole family can comfortably accommodate. Near the dining table there is an invisible door that leads to a spacious dressing room.

The second isolated room was given to two sons. Here we managed to place two workplaces, storage spaces and a bunk bed, which is located to the right of the entrance.

A decision was made to remain the bathroom and the toilet separate. Initially, there was no toilet in the bathroom, but as a result of the redevelopment it became possible to install one. They laid cement tiles on the floor, and used large-format marble-imitation tiles for wall cladding.


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