One married couple gave this old apartment a second chance and now everyone dreams of living here

As a designer, I saw potential in a 1️⃣9️⃣5️⃣8️⃣’s apartment and was absolutely right! 😉 While everyone laughed at me, my husband supported my idea and never regretted it later! 😙💪Our neighbors’ jaws dropped the moment they saw our home after the restoration! 😲👏 For the before-after photos – see the article! 👇

Today’s heroes became a married couple who had long been in search of the most appropriate apartment for themselves. One day they came across this old apartment constructed back in the 1950s. Its cosmetic appearance left a lot to be desired, but the high windows and wonderful view left them no other choice.

The woman is a designer by profession and she herself made the design and deservedly received everyone’s respect and praise. As the owner has always been dreaming of a bright hallway, a decision was made to paint the walls white.

A large number of mirrors visually enlarge the space. One can see open and closed storage systems with mezzanine sections installed here. There is also a dark cube between the cabinets where song banquette and a shoe rack are placed.

A decision was made to combine the kitchen with the living room. As there is gas, the owners will install a sliding mirror partition between the kitchen and the room. As the married couple loves to cook together, they now use the kitchen area as much as possible. The flooring is laid with cement tiles. The whole set is made to order.

Some of the facades are made to imitate wood, and the other art has a pleasant mint shade. The worktop was made from quartz agglomerate. The apron is decorated with a non-standard white mosaic.

The flooring in the living room is engineered wood. There is a dining group with a designer table. By the way, the diameter of the tabletop is 1.2 meters. The upholstery of the chairs is made with anti-vandal fabric as the new owners have two cats.

One can see a bookcase with open and closed sections between the two windows. On one of the walls there is a large full-length mirror which visually enlarges the space. One can see a large corner sofa opposite it.

A bedroom area was organized in the same room. As the new owners are great lovers of the open space system, there are no partitions in the apartment. Thus, a decision was made not to zone the bedroom with anything. It features a double bed, bedside tables and a spacious closet for storage. Two types of wallpaper were chosen for the walls.

They slightly expanded the combined bathroom due to the area of the corridor. Four types of tiles were chosen for the walls and the floor. One can see a large sink with a cabinet to the left of the entrance. They also managed to install a washing machine here.

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