The woman was sick and tired of her old apartment and blew up the network with its fantastic transformation

When I first showed the apartment I lived in, everyone burst into laughter! 🤭😆But they all regretted it the moment I showed it after the fantastic renovation! 😏👌The final results exceeded everyone’s expectations which you too can see in this article! 👇

As the initial condition of this apartment left a lot to be desired, its owner didn’t waste time, found enough courage and determination inside of her and hired a designer whose professional work was obviously required. Let’s see whether she did her best or not!

This apartment is not too big. The owner is a young woman who was already exhausted and could no more endure living in such a miserable place. She was ashamed to invite guests and didn’t feel in complete comfort.

The renovation started with the redevelopment of the space. All the partitions were demolished and new one were created instead. The entrance from separation by a partition made of glass blocks which let much more natural light pour into the room.

What concerns the floor, it is laminate and resembles herringbone parquet. Here, one can see two wardrobes on the both side of the entrance. Then, we appear in the bedroom which features a spacious bed. The walls are painted in a rich green color and perfectly match the interior.

Just beside it there is a relax zone. One can see a comfy sofa here of beige color and a lot of plants which make the atmosphere even more special adding freshness and zest. The entrance to the kitchen moved into the room after the redevelopment.

They had to erect a glass partition with a door to make everything legal since there is gas here. The walls here are green too. They installed a corner set here. It also serves as an additional workplace for cooking.  What concerns the bathroom, it also underwent big changes.

Despite its narrowness, it is functional and boasts all the necessities and  conveniences. Green and white tiles were chosen. They replaced the standard bathtub with a spacious shower with a glass partition.

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