The woman got sick and tired of an urban life, moved into an old country house and made herself a dream life

I surprised everyone and turned a decaying country house into a dream place to live! 🏚️➡️🏡 I left the urban live behind and started everything from scratch! 😮💪 I took the situation into my hands and now live the most beautiful life! 😍🫠 For more – see the article! 👇

Today’s incredible transformation of one miserable-looking village house is still making headlines on social media. One may say that this is a perfect example of switching from living an urban life into embracing country life nestled in the depth of nature.

The tranquility of nature, being remote from the civilization and wonderful sights are incomparable making it nothing but a cherished dream to dwell here. Today’s heroine’s choice fell on an old village house the initial condition of which leaves a lot to be desired.

The house was converted according to the new owners’ needs, style and preferences. The work started with the basics: plumbing and heating systems. A modern fireplace and stove, as well as electric convectors with an Internet connection were used for heating.

The places the condition of which was more or less good didn’t undergo major changed: they simply painted them. The biggest problems arose with the roof and attic. They completely replaced the roof, but, unluckily, the base remained intact. She quickly changed her mind and the metal steel roof was replaced by a wooden one.

The dining room featured a spacious table and black chairs which added even more zest and charm to the overall interior. The kitchen was designed in black and white colors. It turned out to be quite spacious and this let them install all the appliances.

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