No one gave a second thought to move into this decaying apartment until one couple took the risk and purchased it

My husband and I didn’t listen to anyone, bought an «ugly» apartment and had no regrets later! 😮🤩Everyone tried to change our mind, but we ignored their advice and in the end got the most luxury apartment ever! 😒👏See the final outcomes in this article! 👇

The apartment we are going to talk about today is in a brick building dating back to the 1950s. Initially, no one gave a second thought to buy it, but my husband and I took the risk, didn’t waste time and decided to fulfill our biggest dream. We were quick to hire a designer who would organize the whole process.

The area of the apartment constitutes 78 square meters we, as one married couple with a baby became its new owners. The walls in the hallway were covered with a neutral gray paint, and large-format porcelain tiles were chosen for the floor.

On both sides of the front door, large storage systems were placed up to the ceiling now. A green hue was chosen for the facades in order to give the space more freshness. The new owners liked the fact that the kitchen and the living-room were joined.

The lower facades are made in a neutral gray and a green tint was chosen for the upper facades. In order to lighten and make the kitchen visually more spacious, the new owners made the upper sections transparent. They chose two types of porcelain tiles for the floor.

The bedroom was rather elongated so they decided to give it the correct shape by organizing a full-fledged dressing room at the entrance. A mirror storage cabinet was installed to the left of the entrance. The accent wall behind the bed was decorated with wooden panels. A TV area was installed opposite the bed.

The children’s room has been designed beforehand. The whole thing is that the baby is still little and will sleep with the parents until he grows up. What concerns the bathroom, several types of porcelain stoneware were chosen. Now, it was possible to install a full-size bathtub and shower. There is a utility unit with a washing and drying machine next to the shower stall.

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