«How do ordinary people in Estonia live?» One family showed the inside of their mill-house and blew up the network

At first sight, it is an old mill, but when we look closer, it becomes a perfect place to live! 🥱➡️🤩 One ordinary family from Estonia let people take a closer look into their unique house and now they can’t help dreaming of living there! 🫠😍 This is how simple people live in this country! 🧐👏For more – see the article! 👇

One may say that words are not enough to describe the extraordinary beauty of northern nature and Scandinavian flavor! One closer look is worth thousands of words of admiration.

To start with, to the shore of the Baltic Sea – 1.2 km, to the nearest settlement with shops, a clinic, kindergarten, school, etc. – 6 km. Plot area 58333 m², living area of the mill house 52 sq.m. consists of a kitchen-living room on the 1st floor and a bathroom, a bedroom on the 2nd floor, and an additional living-dining room on the 3rd floor.

It was constructed in 2018. On the site there is a sauna with a place for overnight guests, as well as gazebo with a summer kitchen, which is used most of the year. There is another favorite place of the couple living here – a wood-heated plunge pool. Enjoying sunsets while being here is something fantastic. One can only dream of such a life, while for the others – actions speak louder than words.

These amazing views will escape no one’s attention. Some may think that it is nothing but a simple mill, but one closer look is enough to make sure that there is no place with such tranquility and wonderful sights. What it looks like from the inside makes it an even more desired place to live. There are all the necessities and conveniences for a proper life.

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