«From an eyesore into a dream place to live!» The man gave his miserable apartment a fantastic renovation

3 months and a dream apartment is ready! 🤭🤌I was sick and tired of my «ugly» apartment and changed it beyond recognition! 👏 No one believed I could make it until the final outcomes arrived! 😯🤩The before-after photos literally blew up the network which you can see in this article! 👇

Today’s hero had been living in a five-story building and saving money for his own place to live at the same time. When he had saved up enough money, he decided to buy the apartment he was renting and renovate it beyond recognition. Its initial condition left a lot to be desired.

Though a complicated and challenging journey was ahead of him, nothing could stop him again, so soon he got started. Its area constitutes 43 square meters and it required much effort, sweat and money. Believe it or not, the whole renovation process lasted 3 months.

The redevelopment of the space marked the beginning of the radical renovation of today: for this purpose, all interior partitions were demolished and the ones were erected in new places. They leveled the walls in the hallway and painted them a warm shade.

Dark porcelain tiles were laid on the floor. There is an open storage system and a full-length mirror as well. The owner decided to connect the kitchen to the living room.

The set was chosen without an upper tier in order not to clutter up the small kitchen. The fronts are made of artificial leather and have a brown tint. They laid porcelain stoneware on the floor, and tiled the apron. The fridge is miniature and hidden behind the lower facades.

The walls in the living room were painted chocolate. They decided that the flooring would be laid with parquet boards. A large sofa of an interesting color stood against the wall, and opposite there was a TV set with yellow facades.Sliding doors lead to the bedroom. It features a souble bed which was placed in the center.

They chose green tiles and mosaics for the bathroom. Instead of a regular bathtub, the owner’s choice fell on a shower stall. A washing machine was installed here as well.

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