«What a phenomenal transformation!» Spouses gave an empty concrete place a stunning makeover and blew up the network

From «a concrete box» into a stunning apartment! 🏚️➡️🏠 My husband and I transformed an empty place into the nicest place to live and left everyone speechless! 🤩🤐 While others only dream of it, we turned it into reality! 💪😏 Actions speak louder than words! 🤌 See the full transformation in this article! 👇

The new owners of this empty concrete «box» became a young couple. They determined to start everything from scratch and created the design entirely on their own. They periodically got in touch with their close friend, a designer, with whom they discussed their plans.

Its area occupied 110 square meters, so it required much effort, money and time. The corridor is now in white hues and there is an interesting caption on one wall written by the owner’s sister. There is also a «wardrobe» where they installed the washing machine.

The corridor leads to the living room. Laminate flooring was laid on the floor and the ceiling was decorated with decorative beams. A wall appeared to the right of the entrance. A TV zone appeared near the same wall.

Against the TV set there is a sofa of a very interesting color which the spouses fell in love with at first sight. This sofa is now one of the most striking elements of the whole interior. A bar counter was placed between the living room and the kitchen.

There is also a work place where one can see a computer on a white table, a comfortable chair and shelves for storing things. What concerns the bedroom, the bed was put in the center of the room. Probably, the most interesting part here is that there is a special place for books.

The kids’ room features a bunk bed as well as a place for studying. The walls were painted with wear-resistant magnetic paint which can be used to magnetize photographs.

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