I transformed my mother’s miserable kitchen beyond recognition and made her the happiest in the world

My mother was sick and tired of her old kitchen, so I didn’t waste time and took the situation into my hands! 😏💪 No one believed we could renovate the miserable room without anybody’s help, but we are women and we can do everything! 😇👏This is your sign to give your kitchen a phenomenal makeover! 🤩For the before-after photos – see the article! 👇

To start with, the kitchen of our mother occupies no more than 7 square meters. Its initial condition left a lot to be desired but this didn’t stop me from doing what I had already planned. My 60-year-old mother was already sick and tired of cooking in such a miserable place.

The last time it was renovated was 20 years ago. No one believed that we could turn such a miserable place into a comfortable and stunning kitchen. The first task was to remove the old wallpaper and get rid of the old tiles. I made blue grout on white tiles and it looked good.

So as to save time on plastering the walls below, I decided to line the wall near the table with plastic PVC white clapboard which is quite quick to glue onto liquid nails and is also convenient since it’s easy to clean if you splash something from food on the wall white sitting at the table.

The next thing I did was to make kitchen cabinets from wall panels. I managed to make three cabinets each of which was 80 cm long. Originally, the floors were built from wooden planks, but I filled them with concrete and put linoleum just on the top.

The table and chairs are newly made too and perfectly match the stylish and minimalistic interior. The final results came as a surprise. No one believed this is the same kitchen.

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