«Only 10 years and already 190 kg!» The fattest boy in the world was transformed and surprised the world

«Nothing left from former barrel!»🙅🏻‍♂️🛢️The boy was called the most obese boy on the planet🌎At a young age, he weighed 190 kg😨In just a year, he was able to be changed beyond recognition👦🏻👏🏻He forgot about fast food and turned into a sweet boy🍔🍟The before and after photos will amaze you in the article👇🏻

Arya Permana is known to the whole world after he received the status of the most complete boy on the planet. He was only 10-years-old and weighed more than 190 kilograms. Society was shocked and it turned out that this was the result of simple laziness. Arya ate more than normal and spent most of his time without physical activity. It is not surprising that in a short time he gained enormous weight.

It is known that serious problems can arise due to excess weight and therefore Arya’s parents were alarmed by the condition of their son. Despite his resistance, they took the boy to the doctor. The specialist put him on a strict diet based on rice and vegetables. However, he could not cope with this on his own, so they had to resort to surgery to reduce the size of the stomach.

With maximum effort, Arya adheres to proper nutrition, without deviating from the recommendations of doctors. The boy increased his physical activity, and soon the results became noticeable. He managed to reduce his weight by half. Now he set himself a new goal to reach a weight of 63 kilograms.
Parents are raising funds for their son’s operation to remove excess skin. Dreaming of becoming a football player, Arya does everything possible to achieve his goal.

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