«A tomboy with a buzzcut!» The way Garner’s and Affleck’s daughter has changed stormed the network

Paparazzi secretly captured Garner’s and Affleck’s daughter and raised questions among the fans! 🧐❓ From a cute girl, she has changed into a tomboy with buzzcut and boyish outfit! 👩‍🦰➡️👱She seems to follow in the footsteps of Jolie’s daughter! 😉😮Be ready to see Seraphina’s new photos in this article! 👇

It is not a secret to anyone that ex-spouses B. Affleck and J. Garner share 3 kids. Despite their divorce and separation, they continue the co-parenting and equally play a big role in their upbringing. Recently, public attention was captured by one of their kids.

The whole thing is that Seraphina has undergone some significant changes in her appearance through the recent months and still keeps surprising us. From a cute girl she has turned into a tomboy with a buzzcut in boyish clothes.

Such drastic changes in her appearance can be explained by the fact that she is in her self-discovery journey and her parents show their unwavering support instead of limiting Seraphina. Thus, she has all the rights to wear whatever she wants.

It was on January 6, 2009, that the ex-spouses welcomed Seraphina who brought nothing but joy and happiness to their life. However, it stands to reason that her parents’ separation at her failed to go unnoticed and had its impact on her mental health and behavior.

The haircut she has and clothes she wears serve as a kind of self-expression highlighting her evolution of teen growing. Despite the public tolerance, her non-standard appearance is still being actively discussed and even judged by many.

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