«Comfort overloaded!» The family turns their apartment into a perfect haven full of «nature»

It is impossible to take a look inside this apartment and not to fall in love with it at first sight! 🤩🫠 Family turns an ordinary apartment into an amazing place to live! 😍👏 It can be called a dream place for plant lovers! 🪴💚 For more – see the article! 👇

The makeover we are going to talk about today literally stole the hearts of millions of people. One creative family determined to take the situation into their own hands and take their unique approach to the renovation of their old apartment.

The whole family started working together and they soon achieved the desirable results which immediately went viral and still serves as the source of inspiration. The area of the apartment occupies 55 square meters. All the rooms underwent significant changes.

The kitchen, measuring 5.3 square meters, is equipped with everything necessary. The photographs show open shelves which, according to the owners, are practical and conventional.

The look from the kitchen to the living room leaves a wonderful impression. The wooden floor is in perfect harmony with the white walls and the homemade table in the kitchen. The warm color of the sofa makes the atmosphere welcoming.

The bedroom is full of various plants making it quite clear that the housekeepers are great lovers of the nature. This gives an extra fresher look to the apartment and has already become integrated with the interior.

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