The owners transform a 5 sq. m. kitchen beyond recognition and now it is a dream for every housewife

The final results turned everyone’s heads! 🤯❓ No one believed this miserable 5️⃣ sq. m. kitchen would turn into an icon of style! 🤩 See the article and try not to get surprised! 👇

Giving an «ugly» old house a fresher and modern look without replacing the layout has become an even more widespread and preferable option. Today’s article is about a miserable 5 sq. m. kitchen which could be called nothing but an eyesore.

Its initial condition left a lot to be desired making it quite clear that it urgently needed a remodeling and a fresher look. It, of course, seemed to be a difficult task to turn such a limited place into a serviceable room but the final results will definitely surprise you.

The kitchen was transformed beyond recognition. The door was moved into the living room but the walls were left in place, not connecting the two rooms into one. After the renovation the door leads from the living room which made it possible to use the corridor space in order to enlarge the kitchen and place a built-in wardrobe.

The dining area was organized in the living room by the windows, which has become a common practice among owners of remodeled apartments. This kind of arrangement doesn’t cause inconvenience since everything is at hand.

By the way, the table by the window makes it possible to enjoy the wonderful view. Additional sockets are now installed in the slopes which are one of the necessities in the kitchen.

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