«Once a heartbreaker, now a fat housewife!» New scandalous photos of Bridget Fonda are making headlines

People called her a hottie from movies, look at her now and try not to get disappointed! 🤐😟The way Fonda has changed during 10 years escaped no one’s attention! 😳🤐 For before-after photos – see the article! 👇👇👇

Believe it or not, the future movie star was only 3 when she made her acting debut. Born to the artistic family of Henry and Jane Fonda, she considered acting «her calling». It became more than clear that a drizzling career was ahead of her.

It was in the 1990s that Fonda rose to overall fame and recognition. She is best-remembered for her iconic roles in «Jackie Brown» and «Single White Female». However, a tragic incident occurred in 2003 when she had a car accident which changed her life to the roots.

This resulted in her disappearance from the screen for over a decade. And recently, photojournalists have caught the former legendary actress showing how she has changed and disappointing her loyal fans.

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