«Doesn’t look like a Hollywood star at all!» Photos of Sarah Jessica Parker on the beach disappointed fans

«Like a skeleton in a swimsuit!»🩱😬Paparazzi captured Parker on the beach and caused controversy with these photos😖🫣The years have taken their toll on her, see for yourself here👇👇👇

Despite the fact that the popular series was released many years ago, the image of Carrie Bradshaw is still associated with actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Due to the actress’s participation in the legendary project, she faced problems related to age. Then during the interview she said: «Many people say that I have a lot of wrinkles, others say that there are few. They love to discuss people who age and change with age. As a normal person, I am getting old and what should I do about it? Stop aging?», the star wondered.

Her words became an inspiration for many women who wanted to somehow hide wrinkles and other skin imperfections. New paparazzi photos taken on the beach show that Sarah doesn’t think about her shortcomings at all.

Photographers captured Parker on the beach where she was with her husband. The actress wore a black swimsuit and won the hearts of many fans. «She has a wonderful figure», «She looks pretty fit», «Sara is the most beautiful woman!», Internet users reacted. But, of course, among them there were people who criticized her.

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