«How «Baywatch» star has been changed!» Yasmine Bleeth’s transformation made a splash among her fans

«Former beauty icon is now unrecognizable!»🧐😢In the 90s, all men were crazy about Bleeth, but now they don’t want to look at her🤢😕Before and after photos you can see in the article👇👇👇

Almost the whole world is well aware of the cult actress, leading and irreplaceable star from «Baywatch» Yasmine Bleeth. During these times, all men dreamed of winning her heart and women were jealous of her unreal beauty. The teenagers wanted to be like her and decorated the walls of their rooms with photographs of Bleeth. Of course, everyone knew Pamela Anderson well, but many believed that Bleeth was more attractive than Pamela.

Years have passed and she is already 55-years-old, but time has quite changed her former beauty. Over the years, she has changed beyond recognition. Now there is nothing left of the former unearthly beauty. The years have taken away her attractiveness.

«I had difficulty recognizing her in the photo!», «Age has taken its toll!», «I can’t believe my eyes!», «How unkempt she is!», «Why doesn’t she take care of herself?», wrote Internet users. What can you say about her appearance? Leave your opinions in the comments.

What can you say about her appearance years later? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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