«He weighed 44 lbs being 8-months-old!» The unbelievable transformation of an overweight boy became the topic of discussions

Can you recall this unusual baby? 🧐🤔 Santiago Mendez, who gained popularity for his non-standard look, has changed beyond recognition whose recent photos can be found in this article! 👇👇👇

When this baby boy was still several months old, he had already gained overall popularity thanks to his non-standard look caused by an excessive weight gain. He was born in 2013 becoming the fifth child in a large family.

However surprising it may seem, he managed to reach 20 kilograms when he was one and radically differed from his peers with his extraordinary appearance. It was his mother who overfed him with no ill intention and having no idea what it would lead to.

Soon, his health deteriorated and the family had nothing to do but to seek help on social media. Many joined in assisting the poor child and now, at the age of 7, he already resembles an ordinary boy who looks just like his peers.

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