«What is wrong with her face?» Aniston’s drastically changed look raised everyone’s eyebrows

The fans were horrified to see Aniston on the Red Carpet this time! 😬😱 Rachel from «Friends» appeared all wrinkled and scared everyone! 😳🤐See the disappointing photos in this article! 👇👇👇

Already in February, J. Aniston will celebrate her 55th birthday. She has always been considered the epitome of timeless beauty and femininity, yet her recent appearance on the Red Carpet came as a big disappointment for her admirers.

As is known, the iconic actress embraces natural ageing and has never been to cosmetologists and beauticians. Her naturalness and openness have always been highly praised by millions, yet the way she has changed escaped no one’s attention.

Countless wrinkles and pigmentations appeared on her face. The loyal fans of Rachel were horrified seeing the iconic film star look like this. To say that she didn’t look her best is nothing to say.

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