«Our Princess is not the same!» New scandalous photos of Middleton are making headlines

This is what becoming a princess did to beautiful Kate Middleton! 🫢💔 Cameras captured the Princess’s exhausted and wrinkled face and left everyone speechless! 😬🤐See the exclusive footage in this article! 👇👇👇

The recent scandalous snapshots of everyone’s favorite Princess caused a furor. To say that the candid photos escaped no one’s attention is nothing to say. The way she has changed definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

The paparazzi photos resulted in mixed reactions on social media. Some mentioned that Kate looked like the Queen’s peer. The others started to express their sympathy explaining that becoming a member of the royal family didn’t do her good.

«What is wrong with her face?», «She looks even older than the Queen. How come?», «Our beautiful Princess is not the same!», «How quickly she has aged!»,, «It took me a while to recognize her!».

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