«At 78 disappointed fans!» New photos of Michael Douglas by paparazzi became a reason of displeasure

«Long, dirty hair and strange costume!»😬Hollywood actor Douglas surprised fans in the recent photos in which he was unrecognizable💔😱You will difficulty recognize him seeing photos here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Michael Douglas is one of those actors who won the hearts of millions of women with his talent and good looks. It’s hard to believe now that he is 78-years-old. There are many different films where the actor played the main role. Everyone remembers the young handsome actor well.

Michael’s fans were surprised when they noticed that the actor had changed and aged too much. In recent photos, the actor’s hair was long and messy, which disappointed many people.

For some time, fans discussed why Douglas grew his gray hair, but then it turned out that he created this image for a new role.

During filming, he looked unrecognizable due to his appearance: long hair and a strange suit. A series about a political philosopher of the 18th century.
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