«She’s 23 and he’s 70!» This unique couple got married and even had a son, how could this happen

«How she married a withered old man and gave birth a son!»😬This girl undoubtedly married a grandpa and that’s not all: they had a son😱🙄See their strange family in the article👇👇👇

70-year-old man Don and 23-year-old Stephanie first met in a coffee shop. Despite the fact that they have a big age difference, they fell in love with each other and found a common language. The couple’s friends and families were disappointed when they learned that they wanted to get married.

Finally, Stephanie and Don got married and they have been living happily and lovingly together for four years. They are very loyal to each other, despite all the criticism. When Don found out that his wife was pregnant, he became the happiest man in the world.

Don said that he feels young when he is next to his wife. The couple proved that «love knows no age»․ Some people criticize them for having such a big age difference.

Opinions online are divided, with some questioning their love while others are in awe of their beautiful love. Not all young people can live with an old man.

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