Sister builds a cottage for her brother with autism in her backyard and makes him the happiest in the world

Girl wants her brother with autism to be closer to her and here is what she does! 🫠🧐She makes a stunning tiny cottage in her backyard and shows the final result which can be found in this article! 👇👇👇


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Autism is a condition which affects the bearers differently. Many people with this diagnosis don’t even realize they are on the spectrum, while the others face daily challenges and can hardly cope with that without anybody’s constant assistance.

Today’s story is about Chris who first gets a chance to live independently. He was living in New York and was dissatisfied with his life.


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He has a sister named Tiffany who resided in Hawaii and it had already been 15 years that they hadn’t shared the same home. However, the distance made their bond even more special. She knew everything about her brother’s condition.

She was well-aware of the fact that people with autism use different methods to cope with stress and boredom. And for the sake of his precious brother, she designed a project and made a cottage in Maui.


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The construction of the cottage cost around 15 thousand dollars. It symbolized the sister’s endless and unconditional love for her brother. He was given a great chance to change his environment which daily increased his stress and anxiety.

His caring sister considered one aspect as well. As she knew that her brother drank water more frequently than most of us, especially at night, she installed the water tank and the bathroom right beside his bed.

Tiffany decided to always pre-prepare meals so that he never got hungry with no motivation to cook something. Shortly after Chris moved in his new house, his sister and her boyfriend welcomed their daughter and had a nice occasion to celebrate.

Chris was now as close to his niece as it was possible. He couldn’t even imagine a better life.

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