«Legs apart for Vogue!» Jennifer Lopez’s appearance on the cover of Vogue caused mixed reactions

«At least be ashamed of your age, what a pose!»😱Jennifer Lopez at 54 posed seductively for Vogue magazine and disappointed many fans😵‍💫😬What a shame, be convinced here👇👇👇

We cannot deny the fact that one of the most successful and attractive stars in Hollywood is Jennifer Lopez. Despite the fact that she is known in the world as an actress and singer, many argue that she has no vocal talent.

Recently her photos appeared on the cover of Mexican Vogue. She posed on the chair in such a way that many fans began to criticize her. We would like to note that the photos have not been altered with filters. I can confidently say that any photographer experiences trepidation during shooting.

Some fans were unhappy with her pictures and claimed that she looked older, she had a lot of wrinkles and it was all noticeable. Her photos sparked discussions among Internet users.

But despite the criticism, many were delighted with her beauty and attractiveness. There are thousands of good comments under each photo. And what do you think?

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