«It’s unclear who the mother is!» Paparazzi captured Miley Cyrus on a walk with her 56-year-old mother

«She really looks younger than her daughter!»🤯In a recent photo of Miley with her mom, it’s hard to tell who one is younger🫣😵‍💫They look like sisters, see in the article👇👇👇

People have been talking a lot about Miley Cyrus lately. She never ceases to amaze her fans. And recently the paparazzi spotted Miley with her mother on the street. The star’s mother is a producer, interior designer and style icon. She looks so young that it is difficult to even understand who is the mother and who is the daughter.

In a recent photo that appeared on the Internet, it is difficult to say which of them is younger because they look like sisters. Miley’s mom wore stylish jeans, a white printed T-shirt and wore her hair down.

Many fans say that she looks very attractive and that her beauty is natural, and some claim that she has undergone many plastic procedures to look so young.

The woman denies these accusations, though. Her lifestyle and yoga practice have helped her to have a slim and flawless figure.

What do you think about the photo of Miley Cyrus and her mother together? Do you also think that they are sisters? Share with us in the comments section.

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