«About traumas and dark thoughts!» Not everyone knew that Somers fought cancer and demanded for gender equality

Once as a child she hit her dad with a tennis racket to protect her mom! 😲🤫The tragic news of Suzanne Somers’ passing hit the world leaving her fans in tears and sorrow! 💔😢 For more details – see the article! 👇👇👇

There is probably no one who, at least, hasn’t heard of this talented, successful and outstanding actress who experienced various challenges and obstacles throughout her life. It is known that once as a kid she bravely defended her mother from her abusive dad.

She built a wonderful career and created worldwide stardom after silently battling with dark thoughts and childhood traumas. Her big role in the entertainment industry can hardly be overestimated. No one would ever forget her.

Somers became one of the first ones in the industry who sake for equal pay thus becoming a trailblazer for gender equality in Hollywood which was something new and provocative. The actress is best-known for her role in «Three’s Company».

She has recently passed away peacefully at her house at the age of 76. Her influence, great impact and contribution to the industry made her one of the most in-demand and desirable film stars.

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