Only after the wedding did this couple set a goal and lost almost 100 kg, leaving everyone confused

«Before and after turned heads!»😵‍💫The couple decided to lose weight slowly, so as not to bring themselves to stress and were changed beyond recognition😲👏Excellent result, see here👇👇👇

These unique people fell in love and decided to get married. For Stephanie and Brandon, love turned into a reason for health.

They both had a problem with being overweight, and even with that weight they were able to improve their personal lives because they loved each other very much. Everything seemed fine until my husband was given a bad diagnosis and told that he might suffocate while sleeping because of the extra pounds.

The couple was very afraid that they would not be able to live their lives happily ever after, and besides that, they really wanted to have children. Because of their weight, they were unable to lead a normal and active lifestyle and finally decided to set a goal and achieve it. In one year, the girl lost 53 kilograms, her partner lost 36 kg.

They did not go on strict diets and wanted to achieve their goal slowly so as not to become depressed. They eat everything again but only in small portions.

Most importantly, they began to lead a healthy lifestyle, they play sports every day. Of course, there is a list of foods that you can’t eat, such as sweets, but they replace it with fruit.

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