«Dream house for only $1000!» A woman bought an old rusty trailer and transformed it beyond recognition

«From junk into a design object!»🫣At first glance it seems like a miserable trailer, but when you go inside everything changes🥴😍Real work of a master, see here⬇️⬇️⬇️

There are various creative people who love to transform objects in such a way that then these objects become unrecognizable. So one girl transformed an old trailer to such an extent that it is unrecognizable. Old junk turned into a dream home in which you can travel and live.

Designer Mandy Gubler bought an old trailer for $1,000. Her husband was not so pleased with his wife’s purchase. But Mandy confidently said that she could transform a rusty trailer into a beautiful home and named her van «Nugget»․

The woman was sure that the result would be such that all her friends and acquaintances would be shocked. Mandy even shared all the details on her social networks to show how you can turn an old trailer into a cozy home. When purchased, the trailer’s panels were rusty and the interior had not been changed since the 70’s.

Finally, the husband and wife began renovations. They even tore off the outer skin because it was badly damaged by moisture. Mandy removed the old beds and wardrobes from the trailer. Instead, they installed shelves for plants and more comfortable beds.

They painted one wall yellow and replaced the door with a new wooden one. In such a small place, the couple even built a storage room to store things. The beautiful interior wins millions of hearts and the outside is painted in pleasant colors.

Surprisingly, it took them four months for such a transformation. Now Mandy and her husband have a dream home on wheels in which they live. How do you like this result? Share your views in the comments section.

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