«Girl in a grandpa’s body!» Here’s who is hiding under the mask of a young and beautiful girl

«This beauty turned out to be a 53-year-old man!»😲It turns out that the one who maintains a page on social media on behalf of a young girl is a completely different person😬🫣Who hides behind a mask see here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Nowadays, people have different hobbies and enjoy their favorite activities. Some of these ordinary hobbies do not raise questions, while others surprise the whole world.

In our article you will learn about the most unique man in the world. He lives in Japan and enjoys a rather strange hobby. At the age of 53, a man created an account on social networks on behalf of a young girl. He uploads the processed photos to FaceApp. In life, a Japanese man is quite courageous, but in the photo it is incredible that he is a man.

A man takes a selfie and then uses FaceApp to process the photo, resulting in the face of a beautiful young girl. The man gained more than 13,000 subscribers in a short time. He doesn’t even hide from his subscribers that he is a man.

«I am a man who is 53, I have a job, but I also have a unique hobby. Using FaceApp, I edit photos and post them on social networks», says the man.

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