Three uncommon features of the housing of the Japanese people which will change everyone’s life

Here are three unusual features of the Japanese housing which really make sense! 😮🤔 See how they make their life comfortable in this article! 👇👇👇

Most people find Japanese housing very minimalistic which is, of course, not without a reason. At first sight they might not seem so ingenious, yet if we look closer and go deeper, we will surely realize that most things they do actually make sense.

Unusual features begin with documents for the house or apartment. The whole thing is that the area is not measured in square meters, but in tatami which is the name given to a rice straw mat that is laid on the floor of a house or apartment.

Another feature which has always evoked much interest is connected with outdoor shoes. For it, the people of Japan made a special place called genken which allows them not to carry street dirt into your home or apartment.

It is no more a secret that the Japanese people highly appreciate compactness. So, a minimum of space is allocated for a toilet room in their apartment and especially private houses. Therefore, they often combine a cistern and a sink.

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