Pink buys art by chimps for 5000 dollars at Miami Art Week and earns praise and respect for her generosity

Singer Pink bought a picture painted by a chimpanzee for 5000 dollars and left everyone speechless! 😱🤐 Learn why she didn’t spare money and got the painting at all costs from this article! 👇👇👇

No, these are not just rumors. Singer Pink actually bought a painting by a chimpanzee paying, believe it or not, 5000 dollars. The unique paintings were displayed in Miami and Pink managed to obtain one of the masterpieces.

As she knew that the painting process served as therapy for chimpanzees, she didn’t even think twice and determined to buy the unique painting. Pink was deeply interested and eager to learn more about this type of healing.

The painting she bought was named after the chimpanzee that painted it. The renowned singer purchased it online. It is worth mentioning that the money from painting get donated to animals and greatly contributed to their protections.

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