«She has aged like fine wine!»: This is how the Miss Universe has changed since 1965

Do you remember the 1965 Miss Universe? 🧐🤔 This is what Apasra Hongsakula looks like at 74! 😲 Here is what ageing like wine means! 😮😍

Here is Apasra Hongsakula who is one of the best-known and most successful people in Tailand. As a student, she occupied the first place in the beauty contest in 1965. She gained the title of a national heroine already at such a young age.

First of all, she surpassed her course-mates in her beauty, then occupied the first place among all the participants in the country. Soon, she took part in «The Miss Universe» where the participants were chosen carefully.

Though her height was only 1,64 m, she managed to surpass absolutely everyone with her angelic beauty. Her perfect body and warm smile weren’t unnoticed as well.

Soon, she became one of the most popular and talented people in the country. Not only her beauty, but also her femininity and charisma let no single one stay indifferent.

What concerns her personal life, Apasra’s first marriage during which she had a son ended in breakup. Her second marriage was short-lived too. Despite her two divorces, she has always stayed the same lively and charismatic woman.

Currently, she is the owner of a successful company as well as a spa-salon. Many have been wondering what the angelic beauty looks like now and here she is! Believe it or not, she is already 74.

As the Miss Universe claims, her «eternal» youth and beauty are a result of hard and diligent work and efforts. She always gets enough sleep and doesn’t miss her regular trainings.

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