This is what the special girl who ate nothing but bread and chips for 10 years looks like today

The girl who had eaten only bread and chips for 10 years showed herself now😱👀

Here is a 19-year-old girl who had been suffering from a mental disorder, but people around thought she simply had specific taste in food. Already at the age of 3 she started to neglect the food that her parents wanted her to eat.

The family thought she was simply being naughty and everything would be okay very soon. Sometimes, her mother would force her to eat anything and the situation started to get even worse day by day.

Soon, the parents had no choice but to see a doctor since they were worried about her health state. The only food the girl wanted to consume was bread and chips. When she started to go to school, she couldn’t eat together with her classmates.

The poor schoolgirl admitted that due to her disorder she developed complexes and couldn’t interact with other kids. This had an impact on her whole life and, sadly, she could do nothing about it.

Now, a specialist of phobias helps her to recover and start to consider other food as well. To some extent, she managed to overcome her fears and now lives her life to the fullest.

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