“Here is how the twins look like” 52-year-old woman showed her twins from African husband

The woman at 52 who married a young African man showed her family now👀👀👀

While being in search of her old friends on social media, this 50-year-old woman got acquainted with a young African man. They immediately formed a special bond and soon became close friends.

They started to communicate through video chats. Initially, it was difficult for the woman to get used to such things, yet Paul was a programmer and helped her a lot.

However surprising it may seem, their friendship lasted for three years and during this time the woman managed to introduce her beloved one to all her relatives and friends.

When they had already celebrated the 4th anniversary of their relationship, Paul bought a ticket for her and they eventually met each other in real life. Soon, he proposed to his girlfriend and they created a beautiful family.

The couple even had two weddings: one for Natalia according to widely accepted traditions, and the other one for Paul. The man moved to Natalia and quickly got used to the different culture and way of life.

Believe it or not, the woman even gifted him with two adorable twins and this is what they look like.

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