«The world’s prettiest twins then and now!»: This is what the world’s most charming sisters look like years later

The photos of the grown-up Clements sisters came as a big disappointment

Still as children, these adorable and unique sisters were called the world’s most beautiful ones. The Clements twins were born in 2010 and their angelic beauty blew everyone away since the very day of their birth.

Their blonde hair and gorgeous eyes were nothing but a pleasure for people. They couldn’t help admiring them and now have been wondering what they look like today. Of course, they have grown up, still look stunning but are not the same.

Her mother named Jaqi recalls that even on the day of their birth everyone would approach the babies being unable to resist and not to admire them. Already at the age of 6 the woman signed them for a modeling agency, but then had some regrets.

The mother posted their photos on social media and the page quickly gained over 1 million subscribers. Today, they are simultaneously working for two agencies and children’s magazines.

In response to those who were sure that their mother used Photoshop, they showed their brother who is a model as well. Towards his beauty hardly any girl could stay indifferent too.


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The sisters actively lead their Instagram pages and still delight everyone around with their unearthly beauty and angelic charm.

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