«The family photo that touched millions»: This is how the family in this heartwarming photo has changed after 11 years

A heartwarming photo that moved the whole world: Here is the family after 11 years

Perhaps, no one hasn’t ever seen this deeply moving and heartwarming photo shared 11 years ago. The idea of having a family photo shoot came after the birth of their 6th baby and the spouses felt the urge to make the moment last forever.

The unique family photo touched absolutely everyone quickly spreading over the whole Internet. However surprising it might seem, already 11 years have passed since then and they have recently recreated it.

It should be mentioned that for 10 years the spouses attempted to have a baby, yet their efforts didn’t pay off. But soon, they were lucky to welcome 6 children becoming the happiest on Earth.

However, there was one problem that disturbed the spouses a lot – they didn’t have enough money to keep a large family. Fortunately, shortly after the entire world got to know them, many companies and organizations rushed to financially support them.

They even created the «Six Little McGee show» showing how their life was going on and that they were grateful for spending every day with their precious family.

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