For the sake of a massive legacy, an Indian woman gave birth to her first baby at the age of 72  

The parents left their baby at the mercy of Lord Shiva.

Daliginder and Mohinder always dreamed of having babies, but they did not succeed. The couple accepted that in their youth, medicine in India was not developed, and no one could assist them. And 45 years later, they could not inherit a baby, so they got used to loneliness. But everything converted when Mohinder’s father died. He left his sons a massive legacy, which they had to share evenly. But Mohinder’s brothers deceived the latter, believing that they had big families and Mohinder had no one to look after.

The couple was sorrowful until they found out about the in vitro fertilization procedure. The couple thought it was a sign. We went to the doctors and went through all the stages. Only on the third trial was the procedure successful. By the way, Mohinder biomaterial and a donor egg were used for IVF. True, Daliginder had to endure. At that time, the wife was 72 years old, and the husband was 79. But this fact did not seem to worry anyone.

9 months later, little Armaan was born, and a boy was born having only 1.5 kg weight. Parents could not help but rejoice at their happiness. The couple was very thrilled. However, problems soon started, the baby was not gaining weight well, and it was not an easy matter for the couple to look after the child because of their age. Currently, Armaan is only 5 years old, as his parents admit, he is growing up as a normal child, healthy and active. But it’s hard for them, they just can’t keep up with the baby. They are at an age where they should be taking care of them, not the other way around. The journalists asked what would occur to the boy as soon as his parents left, to which they responded that they were leaving the baby at the mercy of Lord Shiva. It seems that the major thing in this story was the legacy that the couple received anyway.

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