The couple lives on a sailing island they have been building for 29 years  

29 years ago, Wayne and Katherine sold their central London possession and moved to the environs.

This creative couple made a decision to build their family nest with their own hands, far from curious eyes. Wayne is a wood and stone carver and Katherine is an ex-dancer.

The couple built a house that sails calmly on the water. The Freedom Bay platform was gathered from solid logs washed ashore by the ocean during another storm. Today, the couple’s sailing island’s weight is over 450 tons, and is supported by a number of cables attached to the shore.

The island has a house, a dance floor, a greenhouse, a solar panel as well as a candle-making workshop, an art gallery and even a tiny waterfall. Wayne is fond of fishing. For this, a man does not need to leave the house.

The couple enjoys life on a sailing island and is not going to come back to their ordinary life for many Englishmen. Did you like the idea of ​​an island? Share your point of view in the comments.

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