Here is the reason why this youthful student married a pensioner who is 35 years older than her

The story of this non-standard couple of a youthful student and a pensioner

When this youthful student decided to marry an elderly pensioner who is more than 30 years older than her, all her relatives and friends started to heavily criticize her choice, that’s why the girl had to share the reasons why she determined to do so.

The elderly man named James first met Brightney at a casino. The thing that amazed him was that the girl ordered 9 sandwiches, a rather unusual order for a casino visitor.

James offered to share the breakfast with her and the student happily agreed.

They had a fantastic time together and the pensioner definitely managed to steal the youthful girl’s heart. Brightney didn’t even mind meeting him once again and, during their second encounter, the couple decided to date forming a strong relationship with each other.

Many immediately rushed to criticize the non-standard couple judging the girl and claiming that she undoubtedly chose him simply because of his property. Brightney confessed that James gave her a Maserati, whereas his money is far not the reason that she decided to be with him.

The girl assures that she really loves him for his personality and qualities and the fact that he constantly provides her with money is totally ordinary, according to her.

Many of their friends from both sides are strongly against their relationship and are trying to convince the pensioner that Brightney chose him only because of his wealth.

However, they are soon going to get married and create a wonderful family.


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