This is how the man who ate 7 eggs a day looks in a month: The changes left everyone speechless!

The way this man’s body has changed after he ate 7 eggs a day surprised everyone

It is no secret that an egg contains 12 percent fat and 13 percent protein, calcium, phosphorus and a number of other vitamins. Meanwhile, many strongly hold the opinion that eating eggs every day won’t improve one’s health and, instead, will definitely weaken it.

As an interesting experiment, this man decided to eat 7 eggs a day in order to see and show all of us what changes his body would undergo and how he would look after a while.

He started his day with 3 eggs for breakfast and very soon came into realization that now it was much easier to build muscles than before.

Although eggs are not very high in calories, they are quite nutritious and can keep one full for a relatively long time. This was one of the main factors that helped the man lose weight.

He ate 2 eggs for dinner and the other 2 for supper.

In two weeks, he noticed positive changes in mood and improvement of his high nervous system.

The man shared that in a month his body has undergone a lot of changes. Besides positive mood changes and calmness, he became much more productive, highly motivated and full of energy as eggs vividly strengthened his health.

As a result, he determined to go on the same diet again and see what will happen next!

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